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Fee Schedule┬╣

All services are charged at the rate of $450 per hour. This rate is charged for review of briefs, necessary preparation for the mediation, hearing or conference, and the writing of any documents or opinions emanating from the session(s). Any legal research performed by others at the judge's request will be billed at cost. For services rendered in Los Angeles County, San Bernadino County, Imperial County and beyond, our office will bill counsel for the judge's travel, lodging and meal costs as may be set at time of engagement.

Judge Moon works exclusively through Judicate West. Administrative fees will be charged by Judicate West in addition to those fees charged by Judge Moon. Counsel needs to contact Judicate West to ascertain the manner in which fees are to be apportioned between/among the parties. To determine availability and to schedule an appointment with Judge Moon, please contact Judicate West at 619-814-1966 and speak to Mark Kaufman or Erin White. More information about Judicate West can be found on their web site at at www.judicatewest.org

Fees are payable in advance on a pro-rata basis. After counsel and their clients agree to retain the judge for his services, a confirmation letter and invoice will be sent to counsel. The amount of the advance fee will be the hourly rate times the estimated number of hours contemplated for the session (s). If the time estimated is more than the time utilized, a refund will be mailed. If the time expended for the matter exceeds the estimated time, a supplemental statement will be mailed to counsel.

Judicate West provides conference rooms at no additional charge. They are located at 402 West Broadway Suite #2400, San Diego, CA 92101. Judge Moon is also open to having counsel provide meeting rooms at their own facility.

All fees and costs are the responsibility of counsel for the parties. Except for parties appearing in propria persona, no billings will be sent to clients, insurance companies, or third parties.

All retainers will be refunded when notice of cancellation of a mediation session is received at least fifteen (15) calendar days, and an arbitration at least twenty-one (21) calendar days before the scheduled date. Cancellation of a scheduled session with less than the required notice stated above will result in a fifty percent (50%) cancellation charge unless the judge is able to reschedule other matters to fill the cancelled session. ┬╣Effective September 1, 2011